Fud TV.

FUD is the Mexican brand that is leader in sales of cold meat. As part of their digital strategy, they needed an innovative and interactive way to communicate their wide range of products, based upon a concept focused on realistic ideas and perspectives which can make cooking more practical, simpler, more interesting and fun and, above all, within the target’s reach.

How we did it.


We came up with a strategy based on 100% audiovisual content. We made videos about different topics, all related to cooking and the preparation of simple, practical recipes, where we show the products quality and the benefits and ease of using FUD food products.


How it turned out.


We reached high levels of interaction with the brand: more than 3.2 million views of the FUD videos on YouTube and Facebook, more than 40 thousand social interactions with the videos, an increase of over 450% in subscribers to the FUD channel and twice as many fans.


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