Disney Babble.

Our challenge was to create a comprehensive action oriented toward celebrating Mother’s Day in Mexico and Brazil. The campaign’s goal focused on raising awareness of Disney Babble by providing a space for mothers to share and celebrate the incomparable experience of motherhood.

How we did it.


We came up with the concept #ElArteDeSerMamá (TheArtOfBeingAMother) and invited all mothers to celebrate and share with the Babble community those everyday yet unique moments which turn motherhood into an art. Keeping this goal in mind, we developed an offline/online strategy, integrating all Disney channels into the campaign. In turn, as well as elaborating and scheduling the communicational pieces for all media, we developed the action Social Hub: a digital space all mothers were able to access and where they could interact with contents shared by the whole community.


How it turned out.


We achieved our goal: within a month since the beginning of the campaign, not only did we receive more than 1,300 contents exclusively from Mexico and Brazil, but also a total of 53,000 visits.
Audiovisual, Social Hub